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Business Consulting

At J. Neel and Company, we focus on building close client relationships that add long-term value. Our Wood River Valley and Boise Business Consulting Services include but are not limited to:

Business Monitoring and Coaching: can help take your performance, and that of your business, to the next level. As professional business coaches, we will work with you to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your business, help you develop and implement a plan, then monitor your progress.

Succession Planning: making sure that the right people are in line for the right jobs, and that there are plans for your business in case of an emergency, or once you are ready to leave is important if your business is going to survive the changes that eventually impact all businesses.

Business Plans: outlines the goals for a business and the plan that is in place to pursue those goals. It can be an integral part of a business’s ultimate success or failure

Whatever stage your business or career is at, whether you are a new start-up, or preparing for retirement, our Professional Business Consulting Services can help you seek to be more organized, focused, and successful.